"Spiritualism is a rational religion based on the knowledge, proven through mediumship, that the human spirit survives physical death."

Many people are introduced to spiritualism when they are seeking comfort following the death of a close friend or family member, whilst others have been spiritualists all their lives.
We are a centre not a church so there are no fancy robes, complicated language or ceremonies and we welcome members from any faith to our meetings, however we are christian and do say prayers, including the Lords Prayer though you do not have to join in with the prayers.

First time visitors might expect some kind of a seance, maybe in a darkened room, possibly even with mystic symbols and chanting.
Actually, none of this happens.

The meetings take place in a well lit community hall.
The medium will give their clairvoyance, assisted by their spirit guides and helpers.
Different mediums work in different ways - some see, hear or feel spirit and some do all three. Other mediums include psychic artists and flower readers.
Regardless of how they work - mediums are usually able to give clear evidence of the survival of loved ones, friends and family (also pets!) - by acting as a 'channel' between the person receiving the message and those in spirit.

Messages may simply recall a fond memory, uplift those who may be feeling low, or offer gentle guidance and encouragement.
The medium will not reveal personal information in public and will not use inappropriate words or phrases.
Some attending mediums may be willing to book private readings if asked.

Spiritualism is far more than can be covered in this page - why not come along to one of our services to learn more yourself as seeing is believing.